AIDA – Aplicacions Industrials i de Disseny Avancades, SL

AIDA stands for Advanced Industrial and Design Applications. The name reflects exactly our main goal: deliver to the final customer the most reliable and advanced engineering applications, from the highest abstraction level in the earlier design steps, to the last quality issue on the final production. AIDA post itself, at the first glance, as its customer’s technological partner. Secondly, as a local provider of goods and services, specially, training and technical support. From the previous statements, AIDA’s philosophy is: customer oriented, using a methodology process managed, ISO 9000 quality compliant, and technology driven.


AIDA, S.L. is the distributor of Moldex3D in Spain. Attendance to exhibitions, demonstrations to customers, technical support and seminars organization with the collaboration of Moldex3D are the main activities in Spain.