Techno Medical Solution Center (TMSC)

  • 服務範圍 :Serbia
  • 地址 :Josifa Marinkovica street, No15. 26000 Pancevo SERBIA

TMSC (Techno-Medical Solution Center) is a company established in April 2014. The company provides consulting services related to new technologies and software in the different fields of industry and medicine. Main product portfolio is:



1. Design of procedures, processes, and tools for metal forming and injection molding industries.
2. Training in the use of industrial CAD and CAE software
3. Sales of industrial CAE software
4. Engineering services in line with Western project management
5. Full support regarding to 3D printing and reverse engineering
6. IT and QMS consulting
7. Organization of courses, workshops, and seminars
8. Consulting in area of digital radiology (devices, software)
9. Sales of medical equipment



Special attentaton in our business is paid on quality policy therefore experts of different specializations coming from technical and medical areas are permanently engaged.