Moldex3D eXplorer 2011 for Solid Edge Officially Joined in Moldex3D’s Family Products

on 2011-08-17

Hsinchu, Taiwan – August 17, 2011 – CoreTech System Co., Ltd. (Moldex3D), the True 3D CAE simulation solution provider, today announced the release of Moldex3D eXplorer 2011 for Solid Edge, the digital product design software from Siemens PLM Software. Moldex3D eXplorer is a quick part verification tool embedded in mainstream CAD software. It provides industrial designers an easier and efficient validation tool to check part quality and manufacturability when creating a CAD model. With its professional filling analysis capabilities, major molding problems, such as flow imbalance, air traps, weld lines, and design mistakes can be simulated and discovered in the early design phase, which enables users to save more time and efforts on modeling and designs. Moldex3D eXplorer 2011 supports Solid Edge ST3 and the latest release ST4.

Features and Benefits

CAD Interoperability and High-Performance Solver

Moldex3D eXplorer for Solid Edge allows users to set up process conditions in their native design environment. Its automatic mesh generator will directly export CAD models into good-quality mesh and run a filling analysis. With the powerful support of parallel computing equipped up to 4 cores, the average analysis time is estimated to be less than 30 minutes. Users can verify design changes and different process conditions more efficiently.

Simulations Enhance Design Quality

Moldex3D eXplorer for Solid Edge provides complete filling analysis results, including melt front time, pressure, melt front temperature, gate contribution, weld lines, air traps, etc. It helps users check gate locations and flow balance, prevent short shots and air traps, control weld line locations, and lower the effects of pressure loss and residual stress. Users also can optimize part thickness, minimize material cost, and reduce cycle time.

Higher User Friendliness, Better Work Environment

The user interface design in Moldex3D eXplorer for Solid Edge provides a simple and intuitive workflow. It reduces learning time and enhances user innovation. It also supports automatic HTML report generation, which enables users to present the performance of product designs with their executives, colleagues, and customers.

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