Summary of 2012 Molding Innovation Day Presentation

on 2012-08-20



MuCell® Process – How to Control Cell size and Cell Distribution for Better Product Quality While Reducing Product Weight and Warpage.





Philip Greco
Applications Development Engineer of Trexel





This presentation is to give an overview of the MuCell® process to better understand the relationship of the injection of a super critical fluid (i.e. gas) into polymers, and the process and product indicators used to determine product quality.


The goal of molding in microcellular foam is to produce a part with a greater number of smaller foam cells, uniformly distributed throughout the molded part to effect weight reduction. Methods for part inspection and identification of processing parameters in the gas system, and molding machine are discussed to provide insight into producing optimal part quality.


After hearing this presentation, the viewer will:


      1.Have an overview of the requirements for injection of SCF into polymers from the gas and molding process.

      2.Understand how to qualify foam cell structure with methodology for examining parts.

      3.Understand process controls for optimizing a microcellular foam part and monitor the process.