Webinar: Introduction to CAE Technology Solutions for Real-world Molding

on 2015-11-17

11:30 AM IST (GMT+5.5) | November 25, 2015


Are you looking to deliver precise and realistic simulation results? Here is a solution that can give you accurate and comprehensive results.
Come and explore the leader in 3D CAE Technology, whatever may be your simulation process or whatever industry you may belong. Moldex3D and our partner Softcell will introduce a solution that fits your needs, budget and timeline.


Time Topic Summary
5 mins Introduction to Softcell In this section, we will introduce Softcell, the national partner of Moldex3D, and its footprints all over India
15 mins Introduction to CoreTech System & Moldex3D CoreTech System is the software developer of Moldex3D. This section will focus on the roadmap of Moldex3D and cover some unique features/functions on Moldex3D.
40 mins Common Problems & Solutions in Plastic Injection Molding Solved by Moldex3D This section will show you the most effective tools and techniques for indentifying and eliminating potential part/ mold design problems, such as weld lines, air traps, short shots and sink marks. This section will also introduce you with some real cases, which will show how CAE simulation technology works in a real life.







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