Webinar: Visualizing Flow Imbalance in Multi-cavity Systems- 2:30 PM EDT

on 2017-04-11

2:30 PM EDT | Wednesday, May 31, 2017 | Check Your Time


One of the common challenges mold designers hoping to eliminate or overcome is flow imbalances in multi-cavity tools. However, without a dedicated analysis tool, it’s difficult to quickly identify the causes of flow imbalances. Moldex3D simulation technology provides True 3D visualization tools to help mold designers accurately visualize shear heating in runner systems so as to predict potential filling problems in early design phase without multiple tryouts. In addition, Moldex3D can further help mold designers evaluate the effects of mold design, material characteristics and flow rate for designing a better multi-cavity mold.


Webinar Highlights


  • Investigate the causes of non-uniform filling in multi-cavity injection molding systems
  • How Moldex3D can help simulate and minimize shear-induced imbalances
  • Overcome the imbalances in multi-cavity co-injection molding







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