PT. Adhisatya Indonesia

PT. ADHISATYA INDONESIA is an Authorized Reseller of CAD CAM CAE software located in Pulo Gadung, Jakarta. We were founded in 2012, and we have customers from the manufacturing industry: mold & die, automotive, packaging, electronics, machinery, household appliances to architecture, civil and construction in Indonesia. Every software we sell will be provided with technical support in the form of training and technical support, to ensure our customers can use it optimally.

Our Vision:
To become a trusted IT company that can provide the best solutions and services for each of our customers on an ongoing basis.

Our mission:
Creating good relationships with each customer on an ongoing basis, by providing solutions and services that are right on target, as well as affordable prices. Implementing professional, conducive and visionary management and work environment. Educate all elements of society to be able to develop and apply applied technology in daily life through vocational pathways. We believe that every moment we will grow, together with all customers and stakeholders, making technology a tool to create a better future.